Our Products

We have a wide variety of products that satisfy all of our customer’s needs:

  • Delichurros. Filled original filled Churros.
  • Delichurriscos. Churros covered with sugar and cinnamon.
  • The Deligreat. The original filled Churro eaten with whipped cream and ice cream.
  • Delidonuts. Churros in donut form form covered with cinnamon or sugar glazed.
  • Delichoco. Hot or cold chocolate.
  • Delimalt. Tasty milkshake.

Frozen Products for Retail

The same fresh quality product now available in the frozen food section of participating retail stores for you to take home. Just heat, fill and eat.

Our Churros satisfy thousands of palates Worldwide establishing our product quality and acceptance in rapidly expanding markets outside of the borders of México.

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