What Makes Us Unique

The design for our Churro’s machine is under constant review to find ways of improving the process. Like wise we are constantly looking for ways of improving our recipe to ensure the unique quality and taste of our churros.

We rely on quality fillings to satisfy even the most refined palate. Our exclusive and original recipe, has been passed down from generation to generation and guarantees our churros will be crispy and not saturated with oils.

The unique formula for Delichurros’s® Churros an original and fresh flavor every time.

Our product absorbs less cooking oil. guaranties the customer.

Our product is highly versatile as it can be filled with an unlimited types of fillings (strawberry, vanilla, creamed cheese, custard, caramel, etc.)

Delichurros® allows a solid profit margin to the franchisee’s, distributors, and businesses.

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